Freedom Pens

I had an idea this morning to start making wooden pens and donating them to our troops overseas. I have about 15 pens that I can donate and over the coming weeks I'm sure that I can turn another bunch. I'm not as fast as Ken Salisbury but I will produce as many as I can.

I have contacted the Base Commander at Fort Monroe Virginia and I am waiting for him to return my call. I will ask him if he would be willing to deliver pens directly to the troops with only one stipulation, they must be given away for free. Those of you who have served know how much it means to get a package from home, imagine how much it will mean to receive such a nice gift from a fellow American, a reminder that they in our hearts everyday.

A pen is a gift that a soldier can use to write home and it's small enough for them to carry. Hopefully the pens and their new owners will find their way back home safe and sound and it will someday be a special keepsake, a reminder of a call to duty.

Fort Monroe is one of the oldest Army Forts in the country and is historically significant. This is my reasoning for selecting Fort Monroe as a point of departure. If the Base Commander is unwilling to ship my precious cargo then I will use the Post Office at Yorktown Virginia which is located just yards away from the last battle of the Revolutionary War, another historically significant point of departure known to All American Patriots.

If anyone would like to join me I sure could use the help, I need 100,000 pens if I'm to give one to every soldier serving overseas. Consider this post a "Call to Arms" all Ye Pen-Turners and honorable members of SawMill Creek...Will You Help?