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Thread: Frequently Asked Questions About The Creek

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    Arrow Frequently Asked Questions About The Creek

    Q1. Why do you require real first and last names to register at SawMill Creek?

    A1. SawMill Creek is a community of woodworkers that prefers to interact using real names rather than handles. This was a decision our Members made when we established our Terms of Service (TOS). All registrations are reviewed before they are approved, registrations that don't have first and last names are deleted. Registrations are reviewed for approval three times each day (morning, noon and evening).

    Q2. How do I post pictures here, and what are the specs for the pictures themselves.

    A2. Follow this link

    Q3. What do the "message icons" on the forums mean?

    A3. Use your mouse to hover over any icon to get its textual representation.

    Q4. Read This Before You Rant

    A4. "It is the intent of Sawmill Creek to permit the airing of concerns regarding the suitability of a particular product, or the quality or sufficiency of customer service provided by a vendor in any particular instance.

    However, these threads often deteriorate into a "piling on" and develop a very negative tone. That doesn't assist other viewers in assessing the overall advisability of whether to buy this particular product, nor to assess the overall customer service provided by that manufacturer/vendor.

    In order to be fair to the many vendors that provide woodworking products, the following policies will be in force:
    The original poster must have first contacted the manufacturer/vendor and have attempted a solution PRIOR to posting the thread.
    The original poster should provide factual details of the problem, and details of efforts that have been made with the manufacturer/vendor to rectify the problem.
    Subsequent posts must be limited to suggestions to the original poster to assist in rectifying the problem - not to pile on because you had similar problems.

    Sawmill Creek is a woodworking forum. The intended purpose is to provide a community in which useful information may be shared among the members. Threads that do not achieve that purpose will be locked, or removed if necessary."

    Q5. Why can't I post in the Woodworkers Classified Forum

    A5. Posting in our Woodworkers Classifieds Forum is restricted to those who have a Contributors title, they have made an annual donation that helps to support The Creek financially. Members cannot participate in the Classified Forum or the Lumber Yard.

    Q6. How do I report an inappropriate post I find while viewing a message thread?

    A6. Any post that you feel is inappropriate may be reported by clicking on the white triangle with the red border icon at the top right side of every post. SawMill Creek is a Member Moderated Community so our Members are empowered to help us keep The Creek free from spam and posts that violate our Terms of Service.

    Q7. How do I make a donation to support SawMill Creek and become a Contributor?

    A7. There is a "Donate" on the blue menu bar at the top of every page that will take you to a web page with PayPal instructions. Those who have made donations have the "Contributor" title under their names. The contribution is good for 365 days from contribution date.
    If you prefer to send a check via snail-mail the address is:

    SawMill Creek Woodworkers Forums
    8770 Little England Rd.
    Hayes, VA 23072

    You can also purchase items from our Store like shirts and hats. A small markup over the price of each item is used to support our Community. Sales of over $18.00 will automatically trigger your user title change to Contributor. For your convenience here is the link

    Q8. Why can't we link to other Forums here at SawMill Creek?

    A8. Links to other Forums are prohibited, the primary reason is content. The behavior that is tolerated at other sites will vary from mild to raunchy and often adult topics are discussed. Many of our Members are very young, and there are those who prefer not to experience flaming and other derogatory comments frequently found at other web sites. Forums are constantly changing and the content of what starts out as an informative thread can quickly change to something less than acceptable to some people. It is imperative that parents who have young children that are Members here feel their young ones are not being subjected to material that is adult in nature. Our Community is open to all woodworkers, young and old, male and female and this is why we are so stringent in our efforts to maintain a friendly and civilized atmosphere here at The Creek.

    Q9. Who is eligible for FreeStuff Drawings and the Bulk Buy Programs?

    A9. Contributors are those who make an annual donation to support The Creek and are eligible for FreeStuff Drawings and our Bulk Buy Program. Members enjoy free access to our Forums with permission to create their own threads and post in all Forums except our Classifieds Forum. These are reserved as benefits to reward those who help us to keep SawMill Creek online for all to enjoy by providing the necessary financial means to pay the bills. For an annual (suggested) donation of $6.00 we will update your account here to Contributor and you will be eligible for all the benefits that this Community has to offer.

    The use of derogatory words or phrases that are inappropriate for younger Members whether they are congratulatory or not is not permitted in any public forum.

    This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) thread is a work in progress and will be expanding in an effort to answer questions concerning our Community as time permits.

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