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Thread: homemade lathe light,and dust collection pics

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    homemade lathe light,and dust collection pics

    I thought some of you turners might like to see how I rigged up a light at the lathe. !/4'' nut knobs from Rockler, about 89 cents a piece and I used 2'' red oak rails, and then some angle brackets for the swing. The light came from Walmart, its just a simple landscape light. I got a total of about 6 bucks in it.
    I done the dust collecter in the same manor, both work good and you can adjust either without loosening the nuts, just pull it ofer closer and it will stay. I just thought this might give yall some ideas to help ya along.

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    Mike- that light bulb needs...

    .. a reflector for several reasons. You will quickly tire your eyes with the light shining in your face, and the exposed bulb will be easily broken by a tool whack or chunk of wood. A hood will direct the light where you need it, and a small flood bulb like the PAR series works well and has thicker glass.

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    I admire your innovation, but I use a store bought version of the same light that only cost me $9. And it has a shade/reflector for the bulb.

    For the dust collection however, that has promise! Thanks for sharing.

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    Both are quite functional...nice ideas. I do happen to agree with Jamie relative to the light. It needs a shade for both comfort and added physical safety, both for the bulb and for you. Catching a hot light bulb on the side of the head while peering into your latest hollow form would be a,

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    Mike, I hope you are using a face mask and some other form of dust control in your shop.
    If the bag on that chip collector is anywhere near the type generally supplied with that type of unit here in the UK then it has a particle pass size greater than 5 micron, nothing more than a dangerous dust distributor as far as your lungs are concerned.
    You need filters of 1 micron or below for personal safety.

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    After wasting all his money on that mustard thing

    Ya know.....

    The heat, the glare, and the dust may all be great ideas with respect to improvements on what Mike has presented us with. But for the minimal investment he has in this, I'm actually kinda impressed and grateful for the thread.

    I now have an idea on how to improve my dust collection hose configuration; and a whole 'nuther one about the big bucks I spent on my Moffat.

    Thanks, Mike
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    Neat idea Mike. Can the arms pivot laterally at the base?

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    I do realize that I need a reflector just haven't got around to that yet. The light can be moved from left to right, up and down, and in and out. The dust collector is just up and down and in and out.
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