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Thread: RESOLVED: I was trying to avoid posting this - General jointer damaged by ???

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    Angry RESOLVED: I was trying to avoid posting this - General jointer damaged by ???

    I posted a few weeks ago that I purchased a General 8" jointer and and a General 14" planer on sale at Redmond Machinery.

    What I didn't post was that the jointer arrived damaged. I had assumed that either Redmond Machinery or the shipper (Old Dominion Freight Lines)would make it right for me. That was my 2nd mistake. The broken off piece was not in the crate.

    I don't like rants. I am ranting, but I'm also posting it so some of you can learn from my mistake. Examine everything you order in minute detail before you sign for it. Dismantle the crate while its on the truck if you have to. Do NOT sign the form unless you are 100% certain no damage has occurred.

    I've ordered 6 machines and had them shipped - 3 from Redmond. This is the first time I've ever had anything damaged. Lesson learned.

    Following is the email I just sent to Redmond Machinery.


    Old Dominion has also denied my claim. I find it hard to believe that the shipper denied my claim merely because I accepted the jointer. I accepted it because I didn't see the damage while it was in the crate, or I wouldn't have accepted it in the first place. Now the shipping company tells me there is no evidence of breakage occurring during shipping. So, with both companies involved denying responsibility for the breakage, the consumer has to just deal with it.

    I find that to be completely ridiculous and unacceptable. Granted I got the jointer at a good price, but the damage will affect the price at which I am able to sell it in the future, should I ever decide to do so. It also affects the smoothness with which I can adjust the outfeed table. I selected the General jointer for its quality and that quality has been compromised.

    I've purchased 3 machines from Redmond Machinery. Clearly, I am going to have to be very careful of who I order from and who ships me my tools in the future, or I will just have to buy locally.
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    Redmond should take note

    The statistics below show that there are 18,000+ members at this site who have the potential to read your post about the damaged equipment. Those 18,000 people probably all have one or more friends they might talk to about buying woodworking equipment...thats 36,000+ people. Redmond or Old Dominion probably does not realize how powerful the internet is or maybe they just don't care. It seems they should make this right, a positve post about them is much better than a negative one.

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    The piece not being in the crate (which I assume didn't have any holes poked in it) leads me to believe the damage occurred at the factory. If true, your complaint is with General, not the retailer or shipping company.

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    I was told it was recrated at Redmond. It was a display model.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Herrmann View Post
    I was told it was recrated at Redmond. It was a display model.
    was it sold "as is". Or was it sold "as new"? Your complaint is definately with Redmund. They are good people and you should recieve satisfaction once you talk to the right people.

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    It was sold as new. I specifically asked if there was any damage to either tool, and was told there wasn't.
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    Hi Gary

    I'm sorry about your bad experience but, I agree with the earlier post that ultimately this is the seller's responsibility. If paid by credit card you do have considerable recourse... Good luck and I hope for a positive outcome.

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    Personally. I believe that Redmond should be sending you a replacement bed. If the broken piece wasn't in the crate,and it was sold as new by Redmond. Redmond should make good on it.

    I've always been leery of the shipping aspect of the sale. You're right about the inspection, and just how much time is the shipper willing to expend while the customer is dismantling the crate and inspecting everything, all the while the driver is cooling his heals and getting behind schedule. What happens if it is damaged? Who recrates it? you or the driver?. The last crate I had to dismantle wasn't going back together.

    I hope everything works out. It bites when you finally get something you've been waiting for, and it's broken.

    Good Luck.

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    If you paid by credit card, call the seller (no E-Mail), and tell them you just spoke w/ your CC company. Tell them the credit card company needs to know right away whether the matter is being resolved, because otherwise they will initiate a CHARGE BACK (magic words to a CC merchant).

    If the seller doesn't agree to take care of matters right way, call the CC company and dispute the charge.

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    It is hard to tell by the picture, but it looks like that is an older break w/ paint having chipped from around the edge as well.

    Either way Redmond gets a big black eye for that. I would contact General as well to let them know what kind of crappy service one of their retailers is giving General customers.

    As another mentioned, if you used a credit card you have recourse there. Document everything. Call Redmond, tell them to make it right or you'll request a chargeback from the credit card company and they can come get the stupid thing (at their time and expense).


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    I am sorry for your trouble.

    Chris is right on with his suggestion on the credit card. They are a true help is situations such as this. If you paid by credit card they can turn up some pressure on the bank of the vendor. If they cannot prove the damage was caused by another you may be able to get your money back or they may suddenly become more receptive to replacing the damaged pieces. Call your bank up and ask for their help. That's part of what they are there for.

    As far as inspecting material when it comes in, this is your right. The driver cannot inhibit you from this. If it is damaged you are not required to recrate anything. Look at it this way, the truck company signed for the material when they picked it up, if they did not inspect it, or if they damaged it in transit, it should be their loss. Part of my job is to oversee our warehouse. We receive dozens of shipments everyday and have had very few loses due to damage.

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    I know it's not much help to you now, but next time buy the equilvilent Grizzly product and you won't have this problem. I speak from experience.

    I do hope everything is resolved to your satisfaction. Good luck.
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    That sucks to hear about your new jointer. Like others have said, I too notified the CC company and they immediately opened up a dispute/fraud case on couple of big ticket items and that always got the vendors attention. Good luck getting your issue resolved.

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    General may help you out. Call them. Tell them you do not feel safe at all using the jointer as you do not know where else cracks have been made in the bed. Do not mention anything about this affecting your resale value as that is not a valid concern to any reseller.

    Also any warranty with a shipping company is between the shipping company and the shipper. Even when you pay for insurance with UPS or whomever, when there is a claim it is to be settled between UPS and the the shipper. It takes the shipper to sign a consent form for the shipper to settle up with the receiver.

    Freight claims need to be made by redmond.

    Did you get it in writing that the item was to be sold as new? I am thinking this was like this before it left Redmond which is why they did not file the claim already with the freight company.

    Can you send it back?

    If Redmond gives you any problem call the CC company and ask for an account manager to be assigned to this transaction/account and that you want to dispute the charge. They will give you some story trying to get you to wait 10 businbess days blah blah blah. Ask them very nicely to please go ahead and assign the manager to your account now and tell them you do not feel you can get any help with the company otherwise because they are not working with you. They will call Redmond and help you get this squared away. CC companies do not like bad press on transactions made on their cards.
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    Agreed with what everyone has said. Credit card companies are your devil and your angel. They are your angel in this situation. There's a reason you pay your APR. They give you damage protection. Use them to fix the problem. As a consumer, it's your right.

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