ok, I just set up a 3hp Oneida super gorilla. I had to build a shed for it and now I am getting ready to install the PVC, just need to track it down. I am venting outside, I am in California, not worried about sucking hot/cold air out of the shop and when I work, the garage door is always open.

the cyclone has an 8" intake, I need to get through the wall of my shed and from the outside of my house(stucko) to the inside of my shop.

here are my questions

should I use mostly 8" or should 6" be ok?

what connectors should I use to go through the wall of my shed(watertight) and through the wall of my house(water tight)?

once I am in, I won't have a problem, I just wanna make sure the pipe creates a rainproof seal so I won't get water in the shed and house.

if you guys have any pics or sources for stuff, that would help a lot.
once i am done, I'll post pics, but maybe I have time to show some tomorrow.
also, what blast gates should I get.

I am so excited to get this thing running, it has a lot of power.

thanx guys