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Thread: Moving Washer and dryer - lay them down?

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    Moving Washer and dryer - lay them down?

    I need to help a friend move a washer and dryer and with the camper top on my truck, I can only do it with the appliances laying down. I know this is a bad idea for a refrigerator, but will this harm a washer and dryer? It's a short move, but I suppose something could be shaken loose if it's not designed to take that kind of stress.

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    I don't know if it is the correct way to move a washer/dryer but I have done so many times. I use one of those shipping blankets and slide the appliance up into the pick-up bed. Most of the time the reason behind this is that I had to do the moving by myself and didn't have the ramp to load them with the appliance dolly. My upper body strength wasn't good enough to load them upright.
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    The washer tubs are hung on springs and designed for pressure one way, not a good idea to lay down and bounce around.
    If you have the shipping blocks it came with great, but most toss them.
    If I had to transport one, I'd gently lay it down and try to support the tub from the bottom axcess somehow.

    Probably be ok just laying it down, but it can play havoc on the suspension.

    Dryers would probably be ok.
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    Do yourself a huge favor, do not lay them down.
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