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Thread: New Lamp waiting for the LV Spokeshaves

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    New Lamp waiting for the LV Spokeshaves

    While I am waiting for my new LV spokeshaves I tried to stay busy...keep my mind off the waiting. I finished a second lamp. It combines both hand and power tool work. The lamp shaft was contoured using the older LV low angle spokeshave and Nicholson #49 rasp and contour sanding with fids. First a dado was ripped in a solid piece for the wire. The wood is walnut and the finish is Tried and True after sanding to 400. The base was contoured with carving tools , machine and power sanding. This design has more layers of laminations than my first effort and is more stocky than the first. It still celebrates the "tree" as a form growing from its base (roots) to the shaft (trunk) and terminating in the shade (trees canopy). Here is where it differs from most lamps which have a seperate base attached to a shaft. The tree analogy is fitting a lamp and recalls the source of the extrordinary wood...the tree itself....
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