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Thread: Galactic Journey

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    Galactic Journey

    Sorry for the necessary lengthy description…

    This “tangle” celebrates “Spaceship Earth’s” never-ending journey through the cosmos. As our planet and its adjoining heavenly bodies careen through space, its rotational axis does not remain uniform. Like a rotating toy top, the direction of our axis has a slow wobble – a very slow wobble. A complete journey through the galaxy requires about 25,920 earth years or what is referred to as a “Great Year” and during that trip our axis only aligns perfectly with the center of the Milky Way twice (every 12,960 years) – quite a rare event. Over the years, astrologers have made many predictions and assigned much significance to this special alignment event. The coming of the next magical alignment is soon and it announces the “Age of Aquarius” – supposedly to be a period of true enlightenment, because of our axis alignment with the center of the Milky Way. Will the Aquarian “light” saves us?

    This “tangle” is comprised of 12,960 pieces of wood. Each multi-curved pentagon-shaped ring is comprised of 180 small rings (to do a 180 is to turn things around). Each small ring is made of 12 segments (representing the 12 ages of the Zodiac) for a total of 2160 pieces in each large ring (representing 2160 years, one Zodiac “age”). Specs: 21” overall diameter, 2 ¼” tube diameters, Walnut, Jarrah, Blue Mahoe, Canarywood, Mahogany, Lacewood, and Birdseye Maple, finished with General Finishes High Performance Satin (water based).
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    I never know what to say!

    It is mind boggling!

    It is a joy to watch your journey.
    A few hours south of Steve Schlumpf

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    I'm speachless ... Malcolm this piece is just amazing!!!
    I wouldn't even know how to begin to attempt something like this ... WOW!

    Happy Turning,
    Shane Whitlock

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    Simply unbelievable. Thanks for sharing.

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    I'm also speechless. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me.

    Nancy Laird
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    DANG!!!!!!! That's nothing I have ever seen, and it's beautiful!!!!!!
    Have wood, will turn!!

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    I liked your explanation of this incredible piece. And it really is incredible. But my first impression was of the "machine" that was built in Carl Sagan's book "Contact". A much better interpretation than the movie. Not only is it hard to imagine how the astronomers, physicists, and mathematicions figure out all those things, But I can't begin to figure out how you get all of those thousands of glue joints in the right place, at the right time, and in the right sequence to make something like this come together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curt Fuller View Post
    But my first impression was of the "machine" that was built in Carl Sagan's book "Contact".
    Curt, it's funny that you should mention the movie Contact. I made this piece, titled "Cosmos", back in the mid '90's about a year of so before that movie came out. I had fun jokingly telling people that Hollywood copied my design.
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    That may be a galactic journey, but I'm tongue-tied....WOW!!

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    And yet another usual "Big mouth" at a loss for words! Simply magnificent, Malcolm. Both are truly captivating pieces.
    John K. Miliunas

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    Wow, thats cool. Amazing explanation also.

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    All I can say is WOW. That is awesome Malcolm.

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    Absolutely stunning! I want to ask how?.... but at my level of woodworking I do not honestly believe I could grasp it. Thanks for posting!

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    Wow. That's it. Just "WOW."

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    your talent, vision and creativity are truly remarkable, and humbling, to those of us fortunate enough to see your work.

    did any of your ancestors contribute to the creation of stonehenge, the pyramids at giza or the pyramids at chichen itza?

    you are amazing!
    best regards,

    jeffrey fusaro

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