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Thread: Box Elder Slabs - Free to good Home

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    Box Elder Slabs - Free to good Home

    Hello all,

    Last Tuesday I had a service take a large Box Elder down in my front Yard. The tree was taken down due to deteriorating health. After the tree was down, I noticed that it had red streaking thru the wood. Thinking that the wood might be of value for bowls, I protected the exposed end grain by placing lesser pieces against the ends of the better pieces, and packing sawdust to fill in the gaps. On thursday, I cut some pieces for bowls, and turned two bowls from one of the larger limb pieces, and the red streaking is present in those bowls. I would rate the amount of streaking as moderate. In doing the two bowls, I also noticed that the wood has a noticeable amount of fiddleback.

    Today, I cut the better portions of the trunk of the tree into slabs, ranging from 3.5" to 7+" thick. Some of the slabs are perhaps 30" square, some are as small as 9" square. In sawing, I tried to cut the pieces with the thought of making bowls in mind. Not all of the trunk was cut, only the better portions. While sawing the slabs, I noticed that the fiddleback is in just about all of the wood.

    In all, I have perhaps 35 or 40 slabs, more than half of which will make multiple bowl blanks. Some of the pieces were cut to allow for natural edge bowls. My guess is that there will be over 80 blanks in the slabs.

    While cutting the slabs on thursday, I cut about as many as I think I will need. The slabs I cut today, are stacked up in my barn, and are available for the asking. As of now, the ends of the slabs show no signs of checking. Tomorrow, I am planning on painting the ends with latex paint.

    I live about three miles north of the I-275 Loop in Fairfield, Oh.

    Contact info: Dale M - cell 513-478-6538, email - steamingd at


    Dale M

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    dale i will forward this on to the members of the ovwg turning club

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    Hi All,

    The wood has been spoken for.


    Dale M

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