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Thread: Cutting Acrylic Mirror

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    Question Cutting Acrylic Mirror

    I just purchased some acrylic mirror for a project, and am wondering about the best way to cut it. I've read posts about this, and there seem to be differing opinions on the best way.

    Has anyone had any experience cutting this material? If so, what method do you use?


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    Cut with bandsaw, pin to templet, rout with carbide to net shape.
    Cutter choice in pix link.


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    Hey John, I have had success cutting acrylic with a band saw, jig saw and fine tooth hand saws. Fine teeth make a difference as there is a chance of shattering the acrylic with coarse cutting saws. Use a lubricant like sewing machine oil or WD40 sprayed down your cutting line to keep the saws teeth clean. Cut slowly to avoid melting and clean your edges with file and sand paper. depending on how thick it is it can be scored and broken like glass. I have found cutting to be safer with less chance of breakage. Good luck.
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    I cut several sheets every month on my table saw and panel saw. Acrylic cuts like butter. Sawcut edges are not real smooth but often acceptable depending on the project. If you must have a better quality edge you can sand, polish or flame polish the edges as necessary.

    Use a slow feed rate. I often buy cheap 7.5" or 8" diameter blades and use them on my table saw for plastic and acrylic and toss them when they get dull.

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    I cut acrlylic mirror alot on my tablesaw with a 60 tooth blade. The key is to have a zero clearance insert and a slow feed rate. Clean edges with sander or flame torch. I also use a scrollsaw when wanting to cut fancy curves.

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    I wear an activated charcoal cartridge respirator when cutting acrylic. You may find out why once you begin working with it.

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