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Thread: layered peppermills how to

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    A couple of weeks ago Ben Dahl asked me some question on how I made my pepper mills out of layers of wood I tried to explain but we felt it easier then next time I make some I would take some pics so here it is. I just made 2 new ones both wenge and zebra wood but the main wood is the opposite for each. I used pics from both mills for this so hopefully it's not confusing.


    This is some wenge and zebra wood milled up to about 2 5/8 wide and 14" long. the thickness of each piece doesn't matter as long as it is symmetrical and is over 3" but I prefer 3 1/2".


    start by cutting off a 3" piece and put it on the side it will be used for the top. Here is the wood already glued and on the lathe I come in 1 1/4" on each end but form the opposite side and turn it off center.


    Here the wood is roughed down I put a tenon on it so I can mount it in a chuck and drill it.


    Next I use my version of a steady rest and drill my holes. I start with a 1 5/8 and go in about 1/2". then a drill a hole 1 1/8 the whole way through. I was given a 10" twist bit I use but you could use a forstner and an extension.


    Mount it on the lathe and make a shape. Here is a finished one on the lathe, I normally put a coat of shellac on and burnish it in to seal it.


    Here is the top. I normally mount it cross grain to make the cut.


    Here's the 2 I just made plus a cocobolo/curly maple one I made before just so it is easier to see the tilt. the zebra/wenge ones still need 5 coats of lacquer "hic" and buffed then I will assemble them. Hope this was ok and not to long. Any questions just ask!

    So the finished pics have a glare I might try to take more tomorrow.

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    Excellent tutorial - and BEAUTIFUL mills!

    Spinning is good on a lathe, not good in a Miata.

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    Fantanstic.. really really nice... What brand kits do you use, If I may ask.. do you order them? and if so, from whom?..
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    Great tutorial and fantastic work! Thanks Bob. A lot of people will be stealing this idea!

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    Learned something new today...very nice mills...thanks for sharing your technique.

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    Thanks guys, I get my mechenisms at They make the for csusa and woodcraft and lee valley. there the stainless ones.


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    Thanks for sharing. They are beautiful.
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    Bob those are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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    Those are gorgeous... I especially like the contrasting wood on the right! Awesome work!!!
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    Great tutorial Bob and beautiful work on those mills. Thanks for posting.
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    great job on the explanation and photos.

    the finished mills are really nice.

    well done!
    best regards,

    jeffrey fusaro

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    Bob, thanks for putting together such an informative tutorial! Haven't turned a peppermill yet but after all the steps you walked us through - I don't see where there would be a problem. Thanks again!

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    Thanks for the mini tutorial.
    Mike Vickery

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    thanks Bob. very inspiring and helps clarify a few questions I had. I look forward to trying to make one.

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    Thanks for the great tutorial Bob...and those mills are beautiful!
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