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    Taper Jig

    I know I've seen David Marks use a taper jig a hundred times on his show. And although I understand the concept, I can't remember exact method to build one.

    Does anyone use a taper jig and have pictures they can share? Also any advise would be appreciated. I've come across an application where I may need this jig.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I don't have any pictures of mine, but I made one from a piece of kitchen counter cutout. I'ts about 6" wide, and I have 2 pieces of T-Track in it. One about 6" from each end, with hold-downs. I usually mark one leg for the taper, then run a couple of pieces of 2" wide masking tape along the length of the jig. I get the "marked" leg where I want it, and lay a pencil line onthe tape. The rest of the legs are just referenced off that pencil line. Nothing fancy, but it works.

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    I recently needed this very jig but was too impatient to build one. I ended up marking the lines and cutting them on the bandsaw, then working to the line with the combo belt sander. They turned out great (four sided taper legs) but I will be building a jig for the next time. The third link down is awesome (Thanks Glen).
    I think I just figure out my weekend doins'..... Jigs!

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    That third video was pretty awsome. I really liked the "pin" idea. I would have never thought of that. Now if I can only build the jig?!?!?

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    If you have a subscription to Fine Woodworking online, you download and print the plans from here:

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    Well, I was going to post a picture of my homemade taper jig, but after watching the Fine Woodworking video, I won't waste your time. That is really a slick taper jig!

    That Fine WW website seem pretty nice. Is it worth $34?
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