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Thread: wall mounted mitersaw stand

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    wall mounted mitersaw stand

    I'm running out to room in the shop and had too move my mitersaw to make room for my lathe. I have the DW723 stand but it takes up lots of room and ain't the most stable thing, either. I have an idea to create a sturdy shelf/platform for the mitersaw against the studs in my unfinished garage. I'd like to add some type of fold-out wings which won't take up too much space. Has anyone done anything like this??
    Gregg Feldstone

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    Gregg, I remember there being something like this in FWW Magazine. I believe Jim Becker built something like this as well. Anyway, the issue is #147 Hope this helps.

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    Here is where you can find Jim Beckers Miter-saw station.
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    I made a wall-hung miter saw table that looks a lot like Jim Becker's, except I opted for torsion box construction. Essentially, I joined three torsion boxes: a full-width base, about 2" thick, on which the miter saw rests, and a torsion box on each side of the miter saw, resting on the base. I made the torsion box matrices from 1/4" ply. I covered the table with white arborite, and added a strip of paduk along the top front edge, to protect and soften the edge, and provide a decorative effect. I screwed two-bys to the wall and screwed the table to them, top and bottom. It's rock-solid.

    Here are some pics. The one on the far left shows the inards of the torsion box that forms the base. (The stack of ribs at the far end of the bench are for the two torsion boxes that will rest on the base.) The second pic shows the back of the table. Note the two torsion boxes that are atop the base, and also the recess in the back, into which slide the two-bys attached to the wall, shown in the third pic. The fourth pic shows the finished table being moved into place.

    Miter saw table 1.jpg Miter saw table 2.jpgMiter saw table 3.jpg Miter saw table.JPG

    I used Kreg's Precision Measuring System for the fence.

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