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Thread: Special shaper cutters

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    Special shaper cutters

    A friend of mine has a need of some special shape high speed steel cutters for a shaper, but is told "nobody does that anymore", "I can't do that", etc.

    Does anybody know of anyone who makes special shaper cutters?

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    These must be bevel edge shaper knives?

    Try CGG Schmidt. They did some corrugated back knives for me a while ago.

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    or Ballew Saw and Tool in Springfield, Mo.

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    or ridge carbide lydhurst nj

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    The only place I have used for a few special cutters is:

    I dealt with a man named Al Viegut. The email address we communicated
    through was simply

    Perfect cutters which adhered to my profiles. Good service and great results.

    Take care, Mike

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    Thanks for the leads. I will pass them on to my friend and he can check them out.

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