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Thread: Is the Craftsman 14 inch Bandsaw worth it?

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    Is the Craftsman 14 inch Bandsaw worth it?

    Need an opinion. I am looking for a nice Bandsaw do do some resawing work for my new found lathe passion . Right now Sears has this whopper of a deal in which I get at least 20% off (maybe 30% with their Sunday night deal tonight) their 14 inch professional Bandsaw (model 22401). Is this saw worth it? I hear a lot about the Grizzly but the cheapest I could get the Grizz for is about $200's more than this current Craftsman sale. Am I being too cheap and I should just wait? Or do you think it is worth it. I figured I would ask in the Turner's section because the type of log resawing is the exact thing you all do! Also does anyone know if I can get riser blocks for this saw?

    Thanks in Advance.


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    Shane i have seen that saw at my local sears....not a bad saw at all ..the only thing i didnt like was the fact that there was not a way to add a riser for more resaw capasity than 8"....other than that seemed like a good buy.
    I guess it would depend on how big u want to resaw

    just my 2 cents

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    Euro design versus cast iron. There were a couple of 14-16" Euro style saws from the Pacific which received bad reviews for lack of rigidity, though it's tough to tell this one's parentage. Price seems very low, which might reflect quality or be quite a bargain. I guess I'd like to hear from users or use myself to determine which as well. Then there are still memories of my first bandsaw, a Sears 12" which made the Tacoma Narrows bridge look stable by comparison.

    Specs appear good, though wet wood and roller guides aren't the best company in the world.

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    I'd say look at the Rikon at woodcrafters before you spend a dime. I have one and IMHO it's the best you can get for your money. Sealed bearing guides and extruded aluminum lift. Very user friendly too.
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    I also have the 14 inch Ricon and feel it is a good saw for the size and $$. Sometimes I wish I had a 18 inch for the added height and additional power.

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    I recently went through the same thing. I was looking at the Craftsman 14", but after comparing the fit, finish, etc. between the Sears, Delta and Jet 14" saws, I went with the Jet. Woodcraft had a 10% off sale and it just seemed like a better saw.

    I haven't used it much, but I did shove a 6" piece of walnut through it the other day and it cut like butter.

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    I bought a 14" bandsaw long before I got into woodturning. Now, if I had it to do again I wouldn't even consider a 14". Unless you spend more $$ to trick it out you're very limited in what you can cut for turning blanks. The reason I don't just part with my 14" and get an 18" is, the 14" is one of the last Deltas that were made in the US and is a truly fine piece of equipment. I may add an 18" in another couple of years though...

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    I, too have a Rikon 14" - but: My main saw is a Delta 14" with riser and
    1 HP motor (an 18" or 20" would be preferable - but.....) it is about 15 years old, made in the US and solid as a rock. I keep a 1/2" X 3 tooth blade on it and use it for "straight-line" cuts, resawing and roughing turning stock. I added the Rikon for small work and tighter turns than the big blade likes to cut. I keep a 1/4" X 6 tooth on it so I don't have to change blades at all. In my opinion, the Rikon (I love it for small work) is not up to sawing thick wood (insufficient power) and the guides, which seem to work well with the 1/4" blade, look sadly light for a heavy 1/2" doing very heavy work.

    I have not looked at the Craftsman, but I'd think that a machine that has the depth of cut and power to let you cut a thick piece of material will not lead to frustration in the future. As far as Sears goes - I still respect their hand tools, but their machines can't hold a candle to some of the other imports. I'd look at Jet with a riser and as big a motor as you can get.

    Of course, the ultimate caveat is budget. Get the best you can squeeze out.

    Good Luck,


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    Thanks to everyone who responded. I ended up not getting the saw even though I could get it for $360.00! (30% off). I did it for most of the reasons you all listed above I know I would be upset a month from now trying to cut something bigger than 8 inches. Thanks for all the great info back to the search

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    Red face


    Imagine walking into my shop this morning to discover not a 14" Rikon, but a 10" Rikon. I chose the Rikon over all the other 10" machines because it was not only one that did not look, feel and run like a toy, but is built just like its big brothers - it is a real machine - just smaller, and runs and cuts as you would like a machine to. I have the same concern, however. If you are going to resaw or rough-out thick turning blanks, make sure whatever you buy has enough cutting height, power to drive a 1/2" blade and guides which give the blade the support it needs.

    All the best,


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