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Thread: Source for Tempered Masonite?

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    Source for Tempered Masonite?

    I just cannot find this stuff in the Chicagoland area. Owl does not stock it, the BORGs don't carry it, 83 lumber doesn't have it. People are starting to look at me funny when I ask where I can get some.

    Anyone know of a source online or in Chicagoland where I can find tempered hardboard (ie. smooth on both sides)?????

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    You may have a terminology issue. I was taught that the tempered masonite was the hard surface, almost shiny stuff... the ordinary stuff at the borgs. It has been years since I have seen untempered, which was lighter color and quite soft.

    By what I was taught (and bought), the 1/8 inch tempered masonite had only one good side. The only time I have seen masonite that was good (smooth) on two sides was thicker (it was a long time ago, but I bet at least 1/4 inch or maybe 3/8. I bet MDF has taken the place of some of the thicker masonite.

    I use very little masonite, so I could be wrong, but you might want to ask for "smooth 2 sides" masonite rather than "tempered" being your key.

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    You may also want to try calling it tempered Hardboard. I know that Home Depot sells it in sizes from 2' x 2' to 2'x4' to 4'x4' and 4'x8'
    And also Lowes sells it in similar sizes, I don't know if you have those stores around you but you can try online also..........I have to say Lowe's tends to be cheaper than HD. Hope this helps!!

    Jay Bowdring

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    Right, 'service tempered' hardboard or 'service tempered Masonite' if it is their brand can be elusive. You didn't mention the thickness. The scarce beast around here is 1/4". I get it at my local lumber yard however, even they don't keep it on-hand, they bring some up from their main yard when I need it.

    Lowe's or HD (forget which) carry Masonite products and supposedly could order some for you. Your mission, should you decide to accept it will be to find someone working there who:

    1 - Has a pulse.
    2 - Found their way to work two days in a row without a map.
    3 - Knows that stuff not on the shelves can be ordered.
    4 - Can accurately write down the Masonite part numbers that you should acquire on line so 'they' don't have to look them up.
    5 - Can give you a price if they don't have something to scan with their little ray gun.

    Best of luck, should you be caught or killed, the Creek will disavow any knowledge of your activities.
    Happy family, pale applause, each to his revolving doors.

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    What my FIL taught me

    He was a building contractor all his working life. He told me 1/8" tempered Masonite was the same as 1/4" except it had been compressed more and thus was harder, denser, and the surface smoother. When I did a low budget kitchen remodel I used tempered Masonite (black color) on the counter tops. It was great to cut on. My wife kept it oiled so it was non stick. She used to make a lot of bread. In the areas she worked her dough she used mineral oil for the oiling. It was a very satisfactory surface.
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