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Thread: Bridgewood Jointer Gloat

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    Smile Bridgewood Jointer Gloat

    Picked up a new Bridgewood BW-12JS jointer with the spiral insert cutter head from Wilke Machinery last Saturday.
    Got it home expecting to have a lot of cleaning a adjustments to do but the only thing it needed was to square the fence.
    It was all clean and adjusted and you could see a few wood chips from when they tested it.
    I have faced and edge joined several boards and it is very quiet and works great.

    This makes the third Bridgewood tool I have purchased over the years and have not been disappointed yet.

    Here are a couple of pictures.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Thumbs up Thassa Gloat!!

    Use it in good health. I have its little brother, the 6" version. I don't know if I've ever seen a complaint about a piece of Bridgewood equipment. Congrats.

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    Well, George...there is no danger that your floor is going to move anywhere soon! Congratulations on the new jointer!

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    excellent machine. there was a time when I was thinking about new machines, that bridgewood was right on top of my list. this looks like a great shop as well..
    best wishes

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    Hey George, congrats on the new BW! I've made several purchases from Wilke and it's always on top of my list when looking for new machines. Enjoy the new jointer and, I think you'll love that Byrd head on there, too. (Got one on my DJ20. Love it!)
    John K. Miliunas

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    I am really happy for you. I am currently awaiting a new jointer myself so I really am happy for you.

    DJ-30 is on its way to my neck of the woods.

    Can't wait to share in big jointer gloatness with you!!

    Awesome and congrats once again!!

    Did you haul this home yourself??
    Glad its my shop I am responsible for - I only have to make me happy.

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    Thanks for all the kind comments.

    This jointer does not have the Byrd cutter head but has the Bridgewood version.
    I could not justify the extra cost of the Byrd as I usually plane both sides of the boards and sand everything anyway. The Bridgewood cutter cuts nice a smooth with very little if any marks from the individual cutters.

    I did pick it up myself in the back of a box van. I always like to pick my orders up at Wilke as they are one of the few places close enough for me to drive to. It also gives me a chance to get a little something extra sometimes.

    They also had a nice sliding table shaper, good thing I didn't have room in the truck.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone elses tool gloats in the future.

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