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Thread: Jig to engraving spheres

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    Jig for spheres

    Why not cut out two circles the diameter of the sphere and then cut out a center circle in each. glue one piece to the sphere and mount the second to the sphere whilst on the rotary fixture. No compensation required and the materials are probably already in your shop.


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    Here's a link to my web site with the long answer and pictures of the results:

    The short answer is that I did make a jig that works using PVC pipe adapters and couplers and various other scrap pieces of stuff I had laying around the shop. There was a lot of testing. There was a lot of blue tape sacrificed. There were calculations needed to adjust for the diameter of the engraved surface in order to end up with circles instead of ovals.

    I'll be happy to answer questions, and or elaborate on the process if anyone is interested. I've put most of the information as a tip on my web site, but I'll be glad to talk about it here on the forum as well.

    I appreciate all the comments and suggestions from everyone here. You were all very helpful. So hopefully I'll be able to give back some information that will be helpful to others.

    Best of all the customer is happy.

    Paul Proffitt
    Suwanee, GA
    Epilog Legend 24TT, Corel 12, Illustrator CS, etc.

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