Has anyone set up a jig to engrave spheres using the rotary tool on an Epilog? I'm working on it and have a plan in mind, but am curious as to whether anyone else already has something that works.

I have to engrave five wooden spheres ranging from 4" d to 1.25" d and will only be engarving around the 'equator', not all over the sphere. The engraving will not be continuous around the circumference, but there will be something on two opposing 'sides' of the equator. The opposing sides would not have to be engraved in one pass. I will be engraving some corporate logos. Most are from original vector art, one is from a JPG. There will also be some text and there will be one photo.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed. I will be happy to post my solution as soon as I try it out to see if it works.

Paul Proffitt
Epilog 24TT 45 Watt, Corel 12 and Illustrator CS