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Thread: Ambrosia Maple Vase with Black Dyed Poplar Finial

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    Ambrosia Maple Vase with Black Dyed Poplar Finial

    12-1/2" Overall
    9" vase
    3-1/2" max diameter

    I re-configured the finial from my last post. It's better but I'm still not 100% happy, plus the chunk of Poplar I used for the finial had a hidden bark inclusion that showed itself. I'll likely remake it at some point.

    Finished with Watco Danish oil and buffed.

    Thanks for looking

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    Bob, I like this finial better than the first one. How very sweet of that bark inclusion to show itself after you doing all that hard work, eh?

    You say you're not 100% happy with it; if you're looking for feedback I think that the large bead near the top could be thinned down some more or even eliminated...but heck that's easy for me to say! You're doing something that I have yet to tackle myself!

    All in all, a great job!

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    Nice work Bob! I like the colors, form, finish and the line at the foot of the vase. As far as the finial - it's better than anything I have ever made - but maybe Mark has a point of making it slightly thinner. Nice looking vase!

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    Bob, that is a big improvement for sure !! The only refinement I'd make is thinning the intermediate stem a little. Great job !!
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    Bob I like it. Way better. Beautiful job.

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    Bob, looks like you are closing in on it... finals make me crazy , i can't decide on a shape and BAMMM , now you got shape.... not the one you ordered..Keep trying LOML says....some shapes elude us while other turners spin em out like they was cotton candy.... . And boy do I hate to copy someone..... .
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    Very nice piece Bob. I like the shape and the lid. Nice mix of materials too.


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    Yup, nice job on the turning. This finial is very improved. Most Excellent.
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    Yep...I'd say that it is a nice improvement Bob. Leagues ahead of what I keep turning out. I gotta practice more on this.
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