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Thread: Woodburning questions

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    Question Woodburning questions

    To those who use one...which unit do you recommend?

    What pen(s) do you mostly use (brand and style)?

    I intend to use it primarily for signing but maybe it will be used for decorating as well later.

    Currently I am looking at these...


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    Thanks for any input.
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    I have the one port Burnmaster unit but I have not used it that much. Though strangely enough I was using it last night.
    I just attended a demo my Art Liestman yesterday and he uses a Detailmaster as his primary unit but he has 2 burnmasters as well and spoke highly of them. He did not like the razor tip unit very well. The burnmaster is the only one I have used so I cannot comment.
    I have razortip and detailmaster pens for my unit and the Detail Master pens seem to work better. I have the Writing tip pen a couple sized skews and a spear shader. The writing tip pen is the one I have used most but mostly for making a burnt stimple texture pattern. Wood burning is not as easy as you would think and I do not do it well enough to even sign my name with.
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    I bought this one (on the left)from Lee Valley and have used it strictly for signing pieces when finished. It is much simpler and (I hope) less expensive in the long run than inlaying the medallions. Heat it for 10 seconds and sign/burn away. You do need to egt a fairly sharp pointed tip to sign with.

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    I have the Razortip Single Burner from Treeline ( that I generally only use to sign pieces. I just added two new pen tips to my collection after seeing Kirk DeHeer of Craft Supplies give a demo at the Kansas City Woodworking Show. He put on some magnifying glasses and then used the Extra Small Writing Tip (196-0008) to sign his name on the barrel of a pen. Then he hid his signature behind the pen clip. He passed the barrel around before inserting the clip and it was most impressive. I also purchased the 1.5mm Ball Pen (196-0007) which I prefer when the writing doesn't have to be microscopically small. The ball pens just seem to flow easier over the wood grain.

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    We all have our favorites (the ones we own) and I own an Optima 1 wood
    burning system. They have great pens and connecting cables and good prices.
    Look up JPL enterprises on google. Worth looking at.

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