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Thread: New 8" Jointer Arrived

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    Post New 8" Jointer Arrived

    Back in December, I posted a thread asking about 8" jointers. Just thought I'd share my final decision. First, I realized quickly that I needed to upgrade my shop wiring, so that was the first task. I now have a subpanel installed, with 3 new 20-amp circuits, one of which is 240V for the jointer.

    The Decision Making Process

    Next, I needed to decide on a jointer. At first I was leaning toward Delta, since I was already happy with my Delta 6" jointer, but their prices were 2-3 times higher than other brands. The feedback I was getting was to look at Yorkcraft or Grizzly. The prices were appealing, but I kinda liked the idea of buying something local. So I went down to the local tool guy, and learned that he sells ShopFox, which is Grizzly sold under a different brand name. I decided to go with the ShopFox W1741 which is equivalent to the Grizzly G0490 (3hp motor, 76" table, parallelogram beds).

    So, for $730 (which included tax + local delivery), the Shopfox was mine. I also knew I'd need a real dust collector for the jointer (the shopvac wasn't going to cut it). So with the money I saved, I bought a Delta AP400 dust collector. While I was at it, I threw in a Delta AP200 air cleaner as well.

    Bottom line: for less than the cost of the low-end Delta 8" jointer, I had new wiring, a jointer and sorely needed dust collection.

    New Jointer Setup and Opinions

    The first obstacle was getting the table lifted onto the cabinet. I thought it was going to be difficult, since the manual suggested doing it with 4 people. I decided to try it with 2 people, and it worked out just fine. Assembly was not bad, but I did have to adjust the height on the outfeed table, and reset the 4 knives.

    The motor makes a brief banging sound for a second when turning it on, but runs smoothly otherwise. I had read that this is common on the Grizzlys. I'll probably try playing around with tightening the belt to see if it can be remedied, but I'm not too concerned at this point.

    Finally, I ran some QSWO through it, and the jointer handled it effortlessly, with excellent results.

    And, here is the pic:

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    Congrats on the entire project.....power, dc, ac, and jointer! Report back with a review on that jointer after you've had it for a while!

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    Congrats on the new acquisition and the upgrades, I'm sure you will be happy with them all.

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    That's a beauty, John! Congratulations!

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    Good to know........I already have a ShopFox Cabinet Saw and 2hp Dust Collector. If I can swing a storage place for a couple months, I am thinking about getting the Powermatic 8" Jointer and the Rikon 18" Bandsaw at the local woodcraft while they are on sale. Just going to be moving somewhere around April and don't wanna double move it.
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    That's a handsome lookin' machine!

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    Thanks for the post John. I'm saving up for an 8" and am really interested in your thoughts after you use the tool for awhile. It looks great. Was the parallelogram bed part of your decision or did other features make it a 'just-so-happens'?
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    Quote Originally Posted by glenn bradley
    Thanks for the post John. I'm saving up for an 8" and am really interested in your thoughts after you use the tool for awhile. It looks great. Was the parallelogram bed part of your decision or did other features make it a 'just-so-happens'?

    Originally, I didn't care about the parallelogram beds, but when I saw the prices compared to Delta, I decided to go for it.

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    Very nice John! Definitely one of my future purchases. As Ken said, please report back and tell us the pro and cons. I hope it works well for you. Congrads on the new iron!

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    Wow, that's a three or four-way gloat. Nicely done. lars

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    John, I just bought the same jointer a couple weeks ago. You got a killer price as I paid $100 more with tax, but it was still cheaper than a Grizzly twin, and it comes with a 2-yr warranty. I got a link belt for it today and plan to put it on tomorrow. The "banging" you mention happens upon shutdown for me as the belt hits a harmonic I think. I had it happen on startup, but I added a little tension to the belt and it went away.

    I haven't had a chance to use it much, but the only thing I had to do on mine was raise the outfeed table about a 1/32-1/16. The tables are flat as a board (a well jointed board that is). The knives were set perfectly and I get a nice smooth cut.

    The only issue I have is that the fence catches in the gap between the carriage support and the table. But after looking at other brands it appears to be a common issue. And the only time it would come into play is sliding it all the way off the table. The fence also has a very minor twist, so I need to measure how bad and check with their tech people to see if it is w/in spec, but it is only visible with an engineers square.

    For anyone considering it, I can't imagine paying twice as much for the DJ20. They are virtually identical. There was one sitting next to the SF at the showroom. The SF has the added bonus of a built in mobile base.


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    The ShopFox W1741 and the Delta DJ20 are almost identical and the ShopFox is nearly 1/2 the price!!! I am a true novice and that truely blows me away. I had no idea. I realize from the outside that they have their similarities, but I assumed the DJ20 had to be built like a tank inside to justify the price difference. I am not being sarcastic in any way. If people know this, why the heck are they spending all their hard earned dollars on for something that is no better than virtually the same thing at almost 1/2 the price? Is this widely known and people are just brand loyal? Not trying to start anything, just blown away!!!!


    p.s. Yes, I am in the market for one as a future purchase, hence the curiousity.
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    I was actually in the midst of buying one today and i told the salesguy that I wanted to do a bit of research and that I would get back to him by Monday afternoon.I am in Canada and I have stumbled across a very good price on it about 30 mins from where I live. I am very interested in hearing anything about it positive or negative. I really like the aesthetics of it as well. It is a nice looking machine.

    I wonder why they only are driving the machine with a single belt given that it is 3hp?

    Anything given in the way of tech info or user reviews would be greatly apprecited by me and by the sounds of all the gents that have posted that this is on their wishlists it I am sure they would appreciate it as well.

    Congrats on the purchase by the way. What made you decide to purchase this jointer over all the others?


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    John, congratulations!! It's nice to know what you paid compared to other similar machines. Thanks for posting that information. I'm about two years away from being able to buy a jointer and will need all the input I can get to help me make the right decision when I do take that leap. That Shop Fox looks great. The table is very long. How does the table length compare with other 8" jointers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lars Thomas
    Wow, that's a three or four-way gloat. Nicely done. lars
    Gloat? What gloat? This was strictly an informational post

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