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Thread: 1-1/4" x 8 tpi faceplate source?

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    1-1/4" x 8 tpi faceplate source?

    Anyone knows a good/affordable faceplate source for PM 3520?

    I am aware of Don Pencil's but just wondering if anyone else knows another source.


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    Is there faceplate rings available for your chuck? They are more convenient and usually cheaper than good steel faceplates.


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    I think oneway face plates are the best also, very thick and strong.

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    This place has a great idea. Keep the screws from pushing away on the mount. Under Woodturning and faceplate. Expensive.

    They will also make you a pin chuck if you call and request it. Mine was about sixty bucks, but I start pretty much everything on it. Easy to bore a one inch hole and stuff on the chuck. Good to go.

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    Another option is to purchase a 1-1/4 x 8 tap and make up glue blocks. Beall has a nice one for about $30.

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    Not fancy but they work well. Cheapest way to go. I used these permanent on my vacuum chucks. I have the Nobles and the Pencils. I like both but wish Don drilled the holes a little larger so I could use a courser thicker screw.
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    In addition to the ones mentioned, Packard has 'em.

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    Haven't tried this one but....

    I have the faceplates which attach to a single hub (highland hardware) and the oneway system as well. My feeling is that you can never have too many of them, so I also have the ones jet made and the don pencil ones. I did find the following source and am tempted to get them.
    They seem very reasonably priced.
    Good luck Hilel.

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    Thank you Hilel.

    I want the best but can't afford them...these one looks like something I can afford and should work.

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    1-14 x8 Faceplates

    Dario,I bought several 1-14x8 nuts and epoxied them to large washers.I first tried tack welding them but wih poor resuts with warping .I agree with the tapping idea also Tapping into mdf and saturating the threads with super glue now you have a waste block/faceplate after use just partoff and reuse. Good luck Willis Martin Tyler Texas

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