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Thread: My house is a freakin' kiln!

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    My house is really a kiln!

    It has been cold outside (as low as -14F last couple of days). So the furnace is on a lot and I haven't been running the hole-house dehumidifier because it is old and hard to control (humidistat basically keeps it on all the time).

    Anyway... I was suface planing some boards today and took a couple from 1-1/4 down to 3/4. I took off about twice as much on one side as the other, for reasons I won't go into.

    Of course, I noticed after planing that one of the boards (a 3 footer) had about a 3/32" bow. Basically, I upset the equalized moisture of the board by taking off more from one side than the other.

    I came upstairs and did some stuff and started watching the ball game and figured I'd just leave the board for a few days. Long story somewhat shorter, I just checked the board at halftime and the bow is almost completely gone.

    The cheap humidistat says the RH in my house is 25%. Is that pretty low?
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