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Thread: Opinions - Grizzly 9" Benchtop Bandsaw (G1052)

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    Opinions - Grizzly 9" Benchtop Bandsaw (G1052)

    I'm space constrained in my work shop where a full size 14" bandsaw would not be too pratical even with all of the other stuff I have mounted on moble bases playing musical chairs whenever I'm building a project.

    I'm getting into building custom knives and need to do some small scale resawing of wood blocks into slabs for knife scales (handles), so I have been thinking of getting a bench top bandsaw for the job. Currently I'm doing it using a thin kerf blade on my 10" CS and hot melt gluing the block onto a board and then rip cutting it.

    Everything else I've seen other than the Grizzly G1052 9" saw looks like a toy... does anyone out there have any experience with the Grizzly that can offer up an opinion?

    Given the approximate $300 price tag of the Grizzly saw with the shipping, would I be better off sticking with finding a "14 bandsaw locally and find someway to live with it in my tiny workshop, like "losing" our washer & dryer? Our cars already live in the driveway.

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    I've had this unit for a number of years. It is nice in that it has guide bushing top & bottom and is very heavy (low vibration) .......BUT I had to build a table around it as the stock table and trunion system is VERY flexy.

    Additionally, if I were in the market for a benchtop unit right now I would get the 10" Rikon, no question. better price for a comparable bandsaw. Also might want to check the Craftsman as I think it's the same as the Rikon at any even sweater price, but not sure.

    Jim in Idaho
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    If you're sure you can't fit a 14" bandsaw in there, then the Grizzly looks like a reasonable compromise for sawing the very small blanks you're talking about (the saw will only resaw up to around 4" high, and TBD if it would have power to do that in a dense wood)

    The 9" saw is going to take up dedicated counter space (you'll want to bolt it down). You can usually put a mobile base on a 14" saw.

    For $300, though, I think you'll want to do a quick reality check to see if you can't move some other things around and get a 14" saw. If not, then you've done due diligence


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    I had the Cman 22400 10" for a bit and really liked it as far as hobby use. It was just to small so I got rid of it. I now have the 14" 22401 and am very happy also. For the price on both cant go wrong I think.

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    Thanks for the input... looks like the Grizzly will get a thumbs down as I was not aware of the other sources for a benchtop saw.

    As I was driving into work this morning, the thought about losing workbench space did come to mind... and I wondered just how upset the wife would be if I decided to utilize the clothes dryer as an "enclosed tool stand" of sorts and put the saw on top of it.

    I had not thought about the aspect of whether or not a benchtop saw motor will have enough power for some of the dense exotic hardwoods I'll be using.

    Looks like I'll be doing more due diligence on this before I make the purchase decision... I just received a Rockler sale flyer with the 12" & "14 Jet bandsaws on sale... I may not be able to resist going with a full size saw on a moble base after all.

    Thanks again for all of the input.


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