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Thread: My 2nd HF – Unique Shape

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    My 2nd HF – Unique Shape

    Spalted birch, 3 5/8” high x 4 1/2” wide x less than 1/8” thick, opening is 1 ½”, foot is 2 ½”. Finish is 2 coats of Watco Natural, several coats of Minwax Wipe-On Poly, Beall buffed.
    HF2 Profile.jpg HF2 Side.jpg HF2 Top.jpg HF2 Finial.jpg
    Form is a little unorthodox but wanted to make a HF that was different from anything else I have seen. The finial is cherry and not sure if it adds to or subtracts from the overall effect.

    So, what are your thoughts about the form? Should I ditch the finial or make another with a different shape?

    Any suggestions for a name?

    As always, your comments/suggestions are more than welcome.

    Thanks for looking.

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    Daniel Heine


    Looks gorgeous to me!!!! I've turned a couple of bowls with some success, but someday I want to move up to the hollow forms. I hope I can turn one like this one day!!! Very Nice!!!

    Dan Heine

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    Steve a very nice form and beatuiful wood. I split on the finial I like it but am wondering what a darker wood would do for it.

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    Steve I like it. It is beautiful. The form and finish are excellent. I am still up in the air about the final. If it were mine I would ditch it. Just my humble opinion.

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    ok here goes:
    I love the finish!
    I think that a slightly smaller foot would fit the form a little better. I also feel that the finial doesnt quite match the form.... but not sure what type of finial would look better... maybe one that flows more with the piece... follow the contours of the HF into the lid as opposed to having the sharp contrast? that might work a little better. oh and like tom a contrasting color might do it a little more justice....
    Just my opinions... I know i cant turn anything like that... but i can critique it ha ha... yeah just my opinions and nothing more.
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    There's a lot I like about this! It's unique, balanced, well finished, and a good display of some excellent wood. The lid/finial looks out of place to me. I like the idea of having one, but I think ebony would be a far better choice. I'm kinda on the fence about padauk or bloodwood...they might work but ebony would be my first choice. Also, a smaller finial would look better.

    The other thing I would suggest, if/when you do another form similar to this, is to create more of a downward slope from the top down to the outtermost circumference. Not quite as flat. You do have a slope...I'd just suggest more of one.

    To be so new to doing HFs, you're doing one heck of a good job! Way to go!
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    I must have it.
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    This one definitely says "Don't sit on me"!

    I'm with Mark on this one. For a 2nd hollow form this is great! I do think a dark wood for the finial would suit it better.

    That wood is gorgeous. I actually like the bowl design. It's unique. You might consider not drilling into the base on the next one. Just make a shallow bowl out of the upper portion and leave the rest to serve as a pedestal.

    Very cool!

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    I think you did a fine job. I agree the finial might look better in a darker wood, maybe a little smaller. But i would put that on my mantle as is so everyone would see it.

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    Steve, I really like it when someone discounts the "rules". I like the form with one small exception and that is I think the top should have a little more curve to it. I like the idea of the lid with finial but think it should be thinner and a curve on the lid. Anyway this is all "my opinion" so you should take it with a grain of salt. The most important thing is if you like it, thats what matters.
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    That is SWEET, Steve.

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    I really like the wood and the finish. The form reminds me of a water tower. I don't care for the finial, I think it is too dull and detracts from the vessel wood.

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    I like it ... it really is a unique shape... your wood selection is great. About the finial: if it were me I would remake it using a darker wood and make it longer and thinner and more delicate. Just my .02. I really do think that it is a gorgeous piece though!!!
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    I REALLY like the form and the wood and the finish. I saw that and just assumed you were an old pro at these hollow forms, but I hear you are fairly new to it. I think a lid that was flat with the top would be better since there is a very flat top area, with a bulging lid. Also ebony or dyed walnut would be better wood choices, and a thinner finial. It looks really really nice without the lid as it is, so don't sweat putting a new lid on, just use it for a future vessel and leave this one lidless. I just looked at it again, and I love the finish.
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