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Thread: Harbor Freight Bandsaw Riser Kit

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    Harbor Freight Bandsaw Riser Kit

    A number of people I've met and/or talked to like the 14" bandsaw they make but were frustrated that HF discontinued the riser block kit for it. Several people have gone and taken grizzly and jet riser kits and made them work with the HF saw even though drilling and other modifications are necessary. Well I guess harbor freight heard the complaints and the item is soon to be available again. The item is currently listed as backordered and will be available on January 23. Here is the info for the kit:

    6" Riser Block Kit for 14" Bandsaw (Item #32208)
    Item Number: 24536
    Price ~$53.00
    Shipping: Regular Shipping - $8.99
    Faster Shipping - $12.xx
    All shipping prices were as quoted to me for shipping to Fort
    Worth, Texas

    Also this item will be available by phone only. Even though its an "add on" component its considered a part by HF and they only sell replacement parts by phone so don't expect to see it online or in store.

  2. Unhappy Still Unavailable

    I called HF yesterday and they say the riser kit for the ...08 bandsaw won't be available until Feb. 22, 2008. Sounds like a slow boat from China. What is the easiest other riser kit to adapt to the HF bandsaw in case the boat doesn't come in please?

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    I'll Warn you now

    I would not put much faith in their backorder dates. I had this same item back ordered through most of last year. They never told me once that it was unavailable and after 6 months or so I finally canceled. I doubt this item will ever come in. My recommendation is to buy the Grizzly. You can have it installed by next weekend. Why wait? The only issue is the color and who really cares. Everything else fits perfectly I had zero issues installing it.


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    I went through the same thing last year with HF. I finally gave up and ordered the Grizzly.
    My bandsaw is an older model with a .88" diameter guide rod. I didn't bother to check it and ordered the H7316 which has a .75" dia. guide rod. I ended up buying the replacement part for the H3051 kit guide rod. Point is, there are two Griz kits: H3051 and H7316, the difference being the guide rod, .88" vs .75", respectively.
    My HF bandsaw is from the late '80s with a Summit nameplate. The pins in the Grizzly riser fit, but the edges are off about .1" on two sides. I was going the redrill the pins, but when I mounted it, the alignment was good so I just left it alone. I think then newer HF bandsaws may line up better, but can't prove it or remember why I think that's true. In any case, it works fine.
    I also changed out my motor for a larger one, added a Power Twist belt, new tensioning spring, dumped the lower multiple pulley and center idler, added roller guides, balanced the wheels, a tensioning adjustment extension and a Wood Slicer blade. What a difference.

    (I have a new .75" dia. guide rod with v groove if anyone needs one--pm me)

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