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Thread: First turning!

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    First turning!

    I know I know, before you start I don't have pics yet.

    I turned my fist piece on my p.o.s. borrowed lathe! Man I can see why you need weight and rigidity in a lathe now. I tried turning a piece or really really dry red oak. I have had a 2" thick scrap board of it for 2 years now and I live in west Texas if that tells you how dry the wood is! I can see wwhy some get frustrated with oak though. I was very tough to turn as well as splitting a lot. It didn't help that this was only my second time turning, my tools are used and dull, the lathe was vibrating quite a bit. I am suprised I got anything done on it, but I had to turn it on and get some testing! I started turning a cup with a long thin stem, got it all sanded down to 600 and went to the emory cloth. SNAP!!! DOHHHH.

    Oh well, took the end of the cup and made a box out of it for LOML to put her ring in! I still hev to finish it, as soon as that is done I will post pics!

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    Tyler , cant say good job cause ah cant see it, but the effort is what counts, you'll get there when you get there. Keep at it , dont give up the ship just cause the paint is flaking ... . Sounds like TLOYL will cherish the cup forever .... and that counts for a lot ... if not all of it man
    John 3:16

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    I don't even see your pic in your avatar space??? Are you invisible too? Oh well I guess we can wait on pics for a while.

    Congrats on your turning.
    Making new friends on SMC each and every day

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    WE all started somewhere and have made booboos. That was a learning experience. Use it to get a Good lathe, Sharpen your tools and finally turn ANYTHING but Oak in the begining. It takes a lot of finess to turn Oak.

    Keep the faith and keep spinnin'. It'll get better.

    "The great thing about Wood Turning is that all you have to do is remove what's not needed to have something beautiful. Nature does tha Hard work."

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