There is a magical string that runs from everything to everything else.
I can't see it but I know it's there.

Some years back I built a shop on the slab an kneewall that used to be a three bay garage. The roof is also the 40 x 20 deck overlooking my back yard. So it's a flat roof with a 1 in 12 slope.
I did a nive torch down roof. Some years later the torchdown srank enough that I was getting water on the trim boards and the shingling below the lowest line of the roof - about 40 feet long. The water was causing problems so I installed some fabbed up alum drip edge from a roll of 6" wide flashing..
I put just one bend in it running the length using a little rig of 2x4s and clamps. Cewmemted it in place with black flashing compound.

Well that fixed the water on the wall problem, But something has caused the lead edge of torch down roofing underwhich I cemented the flashing to pick up ever so slightly.

That caused water to seep into and under the roofing and wet the plywood sheathing.

Now I gotta solve for that. I can't pull the flashing off and don't want to.
I guess I'm stuck with some mix of flashing compound and webbing running that along the drip edge. Of course it will raise the lead edge more but I don't see an alternative.
I gotta plug the leak.