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Thread: First Posting by a New Member

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    First Posting by a New Member

    Hi All,

    Someone pointed me towards this site a while back. I did the registration thing and I’ve visited a few times. This is my first posting. My work is almost exclusively segmented. I’ve been participating for a few years on both the AAW forum and the WOW forum. This is a photo of my latest piece, titled “Neighbors” and it contains 12,000 pieces of wood. It’s a style of assembly called an “orderly tangle”. There are many different “tangles” possible from different shapes. This one is comprised of six interlocking pentagon-shaped rings.

    It you belong to WOW, then you may have recently seen this there.

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Oh, my...the "Master" of incredible work joins us! Welcome to the 'Creek Malcolm!! Your new piece ups the bar even more, too.

    I suggest you post a few more pictures of your work as I know there are many here who are not familiar with your art.

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    Welcome to the Creek Malcolm!! I've seen some of your work in the past. The work you've posted in the gallery of your website is....well.....humbling, to say the least. Astonishing work that makes me wonder....How do you go about deciding where to start with some of your pieces? Looking forward to more.
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    Welcome to the Creek Malcolm! After seeing your website....I'm sure we can all learn from you!

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    Welcome! I received your book from my wife for Christmas. I only had to leave 3 hints and "accidently" leave the order form up on the computer once. I hope you won't be to embarressed when I post my first segmented piece and say I learned it from your book.

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    Welcome, Malcolm. I have always been in awe of your creativity and depth of knowledge in segmented work and I would highly recommend your book to anyone who even has a passing interest in segmented turning. It would benefit even those of us whose work consists of only one segment (this also includes not counting CA repairs as a separate segment).


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    Welcome to Creek. I have always admired the turners who do segmented turnings. Nice work.

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    Welcome to the Creek Malcolm!! I visited your website and was just blown away! I am still trying to figure out how to turn a simple bowl but can appreciate art. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

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    Welcome Malcolm,
    I just got your book for Christmas too and I was so excited, to get it, that I read the whole thing the day after...
    Thank you for joining and I look forward to insight from you in the future!!!!

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    Welcome to SMC Malcolm. Glad to have ya hanging around the flowing waters here at the Creek. Beautiful usual.
    Thanks & Happy Wood Chips,
    Dennis -
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    Thanks for the "welcome". It looks like you folks have a good time. I'm going to try to stop by on a regular basis.

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    Hey there, great to see you on here.....when I've seen your work on's jaw droping
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    Hello, Malcom. Is there room for one more Welcome to the creek? I have your book on segmented turning. I have to say, my breathing barely returns to normal, then I turn the page. Inspirational to say the least. Max

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    Malcom, Welcome to the Creek!! I'd sure like to see more of your stuff, it is very interesting. Hope you decide to hang with us and share your knowledge with us. We in turn will share wit, humor, and generally useless but fun stuff with you.
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  15. Welcome to the Creek, Malcolm! Lots of good info on this board, and lots of great folks.

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