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Thread: My first attempt at cabinet building

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    Question My first attempt at cabinet building

    The hose under the sink in my bathroom leaked and ruined the cabinet. I removed it and went to lowes to buy a new cabinet. But the cabinet was probably made on site and is a weird size that no one has. No big deal, I prefer to make it myself anyway. I was looking at home depot at the 1/2 inch mdf for the sides of the cabinet. Is mdf okay to use for the side panels? Im using pine for the cabinet face. I was able to reuse the doors from the old cabinet.

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    I would not use mdf it would be better to use 1/2" plywood another leak you'll be building another cabinet,,,,,

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    I agree with Mike, I wouldn't use MDF in the bathroom. It's history if it gets wet. I would recommend 1/2" baltic birch plywood. It comes in 5 foot square sheets. You can get it at Woodcraft or Mill Creek Lumber.


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