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Thread: Propane heaters-Infrared or Blue flame???

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    Propane heaters-Infrared or Blue flame???

    Hi all! I'm in the process of purchasing a small propane heater (15,000-25,000 BTU) for our 3 season porch. We use the porch intermittently, and really enjoy having dinner out there during the late fall and early winter! As I looked through the ventless heaters available, there is a choice between blue flame, which heats the air in the room, and infrared, which heats objects. Which one would allow us to turn the heater on and within a fairly short period use the room comfortably? I would lean towards blue flame, but thought I would throw the idea in the "Creek" and see what came out! Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
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    Tom, I've had limited experience with both types, and your gut feeling is correct in this instance. However, ventless heaters do give off acrid fumes and I would not enjoy dinner in their presence. A small vented heater would be the best choice, whether through the roof or direct vent.

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    I say Infrared. The heat from the blue flame goes straight up and you will need to have it on for atleast an hour or so, and have some sort of ceiling fan or air cirulation to move the hot air from the ceiling down to 3-4 feet above the floor.

    As far as fumes, we don't notice any. We have a 18k btu 3-brick infrared natural gas heater as a supplement in our living room, which if 20x25. I put it near the stairwell entrance going upstairs. It does a decent job of offsetting all the heat going up the 'chimney' (staircase). A smoke detector is directly above it and it has never gone off due to heat, fumes, etc.

    Shortly after the bricks get to glowing, you will feel heat directly from the heater, and you will not see a quick heat from the blue flame.

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    We installed a LP blue flame heater in the kitchen of our old house to help offset a cold spot in there. Used it for two years and then bought a Infrared heater and installed it in the same place. We are much happier with the infrared heater. Seems to warm quicker, uses lots less gas.
    Moved the old blue flame out to my shop office. It's way to big for the office area, some fumes, and have to leave the inner shop door open to get some fresh air. Some day I will replace it to with a infrared heater. Steve

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