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Thread: Before I buy the SawStop???

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    Well, I've had mine about 5 months, and I absolutely couldn't be happier.

    It has held up well in my home hobby shop,and I just blow the dust off the cartridge when I change it out with the dado one...

    No big issues so far.

    I'd go for it if you can afford it,

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    Well gentlemen, I have gone for it. I placed my order friday. I have a two week wait but am getting things ready in the shop so the two weeks is welcome. I have gleened some good information and advice for all the responding posts. I thank you one and all. I have read three magazine articles, all with favorable review. Looked at other forums, and found some great videos in the Wood magzine website. The only real negative that seemed to be constant in the forums was political. And the politics in a woodshop is "return to the enviroment you borrow from". I figured out when I went back and talked with the manager is that he was pushing the Powermatic because he thought I was a "discount motivated buyer". I was disapointed when I couldn't strike a deal on the SS but I was not leaving without putting my name on one. The discount would be a short term victory and I believe, and with all your help, that the long term rewards will overshadow any discount. I did order 2 extra ZCI's and 1 each of the blade brakes. I am gonna wait for the SS mobile base, hopefully bribe some freinds to help me get it on there when it is finally released for sale.
    So again thank you.
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    If I had the initial funding there is no question I would buy a SawStop. However, there are some valid concerns that I do think have come up but that still would not deter me from buying the saw.

    1. The warranty on the electronics is two years. I understand that a manufacturer has some limitations but iright now the biggest difference between the SS and any other saw on the market are the electronics and the braking cartridge. If in two years and a day either one of those fail, then there is s repair required and I would want to know approximate pricing to replace. This is one additinal area that can fail that other saws do not have.

    2. The company has not been around very long so if it did go out of business and number one above happened (even before the 2 year warranty was up) you would have in essence a great version and some people say better version of a PM 2000.

    Even with those two concerns, I would buy it if I could. I have a Unisaw that cost me a third of a SS and could justify the costs as an upgrade to a contractor saw as I was able to sell that for a good price.

    If you can afford it, I would buy it. Just my thoughts.

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    My apologies for my potty mouth. Apparently it's not tolerated here (even though I meant it in a good way).


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    "As cool as....a Sawstop!!"

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