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Thread: Cherry Bowl - and I'm sure of this one

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    Cherry Bowl - and I'm sure of this one

    Now here's a 14" x 5" piece of cherry with some history to it. Dave Lancaster and I fetched it (along with a bunch of others) on a log run to Pennsylvania last spring. I then picked it up from Dave one Saturday morning last June and took it to my chapter's meeting where Al Stirt roughed it and demo'd some carving techniques on it. At the end of the day he gave it back to me to give back to Lancaster, who said, "Nope, it's got blemishes on it now." So I brought it home and completed the turning on it which sadly removed Al's "blemishes".

    But here's the thing to consider. It took all of us just to prep it so Chrystine could complete it.

    Painted Cherry Bowl 01.jpg Painted Cherry Bowl 02.jpg Painted Cherry Bowl 03.jpg

    Painted Cherry Bowl 04.jpg Painted Cherry Bowl 05.jpg

    Here are some pics of the trip to Pennsylvania.

    And here are some pics of Al doing his demo on the piece.
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    That is an absolutely gorgeous piece of art... I am mostly a purist when it comes to turning, but I am really liking these last two pieces you've come up with!!!! Cool job!
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    Alright Andy!!! Simply beautiful work by Mr. AND Mrs. Hoyt!!!!! You prolly orta send that one to me for sure!!!!
    Thanks & Happy Wood Chips,
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    More totally excellent turnings and artwork by the Hoyts. Love it
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    I love it. Nice simple for with appropriate decoration on it. One small blossom on the inside lets you see the grain.

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    Nice work Mr & Mrs Hoyt ...

    It has a certain Asian flavor which is delicate and substansive at the same time. I really like the bowls decorations Nice work.
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    Hey! Are you guys asleep at the wheel? The Hoyts and now friends are ganging up on us! I must admit it is beautfully done! Enough embellishment to add beauty...........not so much to be overpowering.....Well done!
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    Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt, you both did a beautiful job. Love the bowl Andy.

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    Beautiful work and great pictures along w it!! Thanks

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    I again aplaud the addition of art to art, thanks for letting us view it.
    Glenn Hodges
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    I don't know about you Andy, but Crystine is definitely a keeper. Really nice cooperation.
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    By jove! I think you have something very kewel going on here, Andy! Mucho talent!

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    That is cool Andy, your wife does awesome work! You should do more of this stuff!


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    This gets prettier every time I look at it. It's a great collaboration for sure.

    Just curious, is the floral painting done first and then the wood finish?

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    Like I told you the other day: You guys make a great team! Wonderful work by the both of you!
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