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Thread: Platters 101

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    Andy, I just read your tutorial. It was very helpful, as I will be attempting one in the future. Thanks for your time and effort.

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    Andy, your help was very well done. You are an asset to the Creek.
    Glenn Hodges
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  3. Yes Mr. Hoyt, that will certainly do just fine!

    Thanks for that, I need to make some of them.

    My wife wants me to make a cake platter thing, so I would be a platter with a stand, no?


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    Stu: I want to let you know now that this comes from the deranged mind of a professional cake decorator.

    Does she want a cake platter, or a cake turntable? I assume this means she will be presenting round cakes, and not sheet or shaped cakes.

    Overall, the answer to your question is yes. If it's just a platter, then you don't need much of a stand---just enough to raise the platter off the surface of the table. I would also recommend looking at the domes she might use. If there's a nice glass dome, turn the platter to fit. If she's not too worried about seeing through the dome, then I'd say go ahead and turn a dome to match the platter.

    If she's looking at a turntable, then that brings a whole slew of other variables into the mix. I could go on and on about my perfect turntable. For a simple one, however, you should have a nice, thick, sturdy base with a wide foot, with as much mass in the base as possible. The stem of the base will definitely need to be sturdy and thick. The base and platter would be two separate pieces, as you would be joining the two with (preferably) a thrust bearing (although a greased dowel fitting would do in a pinch).

    PM me if your wife is seriously into cake decorating and you want ideas for the "perfect" turntable.
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    Wow. That's a great tutorial Andy. Thanks for putting in the time and effort. I'm "bookmarking" it for future reference.

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    Very cool tutorial.... I may just have to give that a try (albeit w/thicker wood).

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