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Thread: Source wanted for lumber

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    Some where between Buffalo and Rochester NY

    Source wanted for lumber

    I am looking for sources for rough sawn lumber in the areas of either Rochester or Buffalo, N.Y... The only places that I have found seem high. The first place charges $3.10Bdft for kiln dried red oak and the second wants $2.50 for air dried oak with min. check accoding to the seller. The second place I do not want to drive 1+ hour to find out it is junk as the seller is not willing to send any pics of the lumber. Anyone in these areas please let me know where you find your lumber. Do not mention wood finder, as they never show anything even remotely close to me. Thanks in advance.
    Al K.

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    I'm in the Chicago area and have rented a truck for trips to Northern Wisconsin for red oak. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

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    Hilton Hardwoods, Hamlin, NY 585 964 8106. Mostly wholesales to Local yards Pittsford Lumber, Bristol etc, but has a great supply for walkins. Price is right also. Just paid $2.00 bd ft.for kiln dried mill run walnut.

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    I live south of Cleveland and sometimes I travel a bit south east to pick up some wood from an Amish sawmill. While the prices you quoted don't seem totally out of line you should go into a Woodcraft or Rocklers and ask a few questions. The last time I was through that area I saw plenty of trees so there must be some kind of local sawmill that has decent prices.

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    hi al
    I will turn the question around.... what do you think you should pay, what type of quanity are you looking for? are you going to take "log run" or pick through the pile? Do you need quarter sawn, will you take RWRL and what moisture content do you need. When I sell lumber, these factors all are part of my price policy.

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    Mike Morgan's next Lumber run


    If you look back over at the classifieds area you will see a lot of posts from Mike Morgan (no relation, just same last name). He is planning a lumber run up our way soon (I hope it all pans out). (Buffalo, Rochester Syracuse, etc.) If we can get enough interest, he has great stuff and great prices (Oak, Cherry, Maple, etc). Search out his threads and give them a read. I am definitely going to take advantage if it all works out.

    You can PM him or me and we'll add to the list. The more the merrier!

    Jason Morgan

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    Jim Gregory is a few hours from you and seems to have a pretty nice stock of wood. Sometime soon I'd love to take a trip up there and look around.

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    Lakeshore Hardwoods in Pulaski (East of Oswego) is a place you may wish to check out, even though it might be a bit of a drive for you. They have a variety of hardwoods, all at a pretty reasonable price. Anytime I've been in there they've always had really good quality stock, especially their cherry.

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