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    Chair information

    I have a furniture question. My wife bought a pair of chairs at Good Will. The bronze medallion on the leg says "Johnson Chair Co." and "Chicago, ILL." with a script J. A paper label has:

    Johnson Chair Co.
    11-114 Merchandise Mart
    Chicago, ILL. 60654
    No. 1925
    Finish: D-164
    Cover: J-189
    Plus a logo at the bottom of the labe that looks like a triangle with a chair on it and says Johnson Chair Co.

    I have attached a picture of the chair. Does anyone know anything about these chairs? I couldn't find anything useful on the internet. I can tell from the use of zip code that they were made after 1963 (first use of zip).


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    I really am not certain

    but they do have a Danish look to them.. Wouldn't be surprised if they were a Danish import. Many similar chairs had seats woven of what is called Danish cord. Danish cord is a three ply or strand paper cord developed by the Germans while they were occupying the country during WWII, Germany had no source of rubber for tires so they wrapped this cord around the wheels as substitute. Must have been a bumpy ride. I have rewoven a number of chairs with Danish Cord. The cord is woven in a pattern that uses hooked nails driven into the (aprons) of the seats. Perhaps someone else will have a more certain identification.
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