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Thread: Sawmill Creek Store

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    Sawmill Creek Store

    I'd like to see SMC develop some type of storefront where we can collect all of the items available for purchase. Currently there are several threads scattered throughout the forum for hats, shirts, patches, etc.. and they aren't all up to date on what's really available and what's not. Some items appear to be special order and others not. I would think that this effort would help increase donations. I'd certainly understand if this would take to much effort to implement, but I thought I'd throw it out there.



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    We used to have a Forum that was our Storefront but interest dropped and we eliminated the Forum. Later the number of people who became interested in purchasing hats and jackets started to increase and now we need to setup the SMC Store Forum again. It has been on my short list of things to do but I have been distracted lately with other tasks. I will make an effort to reinstall the SMC Store this weekend.


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    What other tasks would those be Keith?.....

    Just kidding.

    I wouldn't want to have your tasks Keith. Thanks for taking care of them.
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