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Thread: Infinity planer blades

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    Infinity planer blades

    I am looking for some feedback on the Infinity blades for my DeWalt 735 The blades from DeWalt don't realy hold up very well. From what I hear the Infinity blades are said to be made of harder or stronger steel I would like to hear some reviews from some of you that have tried them I would realy apreciate any help. Thanks

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    I bought a set, but haven't used them yet. I was going to put them on, but forgot I hadn't used the other side of the blades in the planer, so just flipped them around instead, and of course it was cutting like new again...

    The HSS blades do look better, although the thickness of the blade is 1/16", so it's half the size of a normal planer blade, even most porta-potty-planers have 1/8" it seems. This is the one downside to the 735, the thickness of the blades, IMO. The other is the noise. Other than that, it's a decent little compact planer, just wear hearing protection if you value your ears.

    Someone else mentioned the life being quite a bit longer and that was my attraction, because I've gone through the original set, and on my second set, and have the HSS blades in waiting. 100-150 bf seems to be all the life I can get out of one edge, then they need to be flipped. I should take a picture of the bad edge on the blades when I flipped them, they were pretty bad. I imagine the HSS blades will hold up better.

    I've recentely acquired an old Parks 12" planer, and it has a set of normal planer blades, which are quite thicker. I'm looking forward to getting it running, it needs a motor and starter/switch.
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    Infinity blades and Parks

    I have a Parks 12" planer and recently put new Infinity HSS blades on. They work very well and I am happy with their products. I bought a Dadonator also, but have used it only twice with great results.

    You will enjoy the Parks. Search for earlier posts about the Robert Vaughan planer tune-up article and video from FWW/Tauton Press. He demonstrates on the Parks. If you can't get the video, let me know and I may be able to get that for you. Good luck, JCB.

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