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Thread: Craftsman Shop Vac question

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    Craftsman Shop Vac question

    A while back I pickep up a cheap Sears shop vac (model 17922) as a stop gap when my old vac died. The plan was to relegate it to basement duty once I bought a real vac for the workshop. Thanks to the Festool 20% off sale, that dream is now a reality.

    The Sears unit will be used to clean up general basement mess, especially cat litter that escapes from the pans. With 4 cats, this happens alot. I'm sure, from previous experience, that I need to buy some of the high-efficiency bags #17893 for the vac (Sears doesn't list the micron rating). What I need to know is whether I should also put a HEPA filter (e.g. #17886) on the unit. Is this overkill or will I need it to capture the fine dust that the bag lets through? Also, will the high efficiency bag plus the HEPA filter out too much strain on the motor?

    Thanks, Mark

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    The Sears vacs are the same at the Ridgid vacs that Home Depot sells, except that the Ridgid filters & bags are cheaper.

    Ridgid has a 0.3 micron 'two-stage' filter that should be all you need. Cost is about $18.00.

    I don't know for sure whether using a bag, too, would be a problem, but I wouldn't think it would be.

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    Paul Kunkel Guest
    just get a 'Cleanstream' for it. About $32 anywhere. They're washable Goretex.

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    I agree with Paul. I have the Clean Stream in my Sears unit and love it. Pull it out, go out side and shake it to get most of the dust out and then wash it with a hose. LET IT DRY before you use it.
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    I to have the Cleanstream filter for my Sears shopvac and it works great. I got real lucky and found it on clearence at Sears for six bucks. It really made a difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Kunkel
    just get a 'Cleanstream' for it. About $32 anywhere. They're washable Goretex.
    I have, and use, the Cleanstream, but if advertising is to be believed, the Ridgid filter has the same spec (0.3 micron) and is also washable, for about half the cost of the Cleanstream.

    BTW, the "Craftsman Red Stripe" Cleanstream filter also fits the Fein Turbo II, for about half of what Fein wants for their HEPA filter.

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    I don't know where I got the idea (couldn't have been mine) but I stretch a piece of the leg of an old pair of pantyhose over my Cleanstream filter. It doesn't seem to bother the suction and every so often I can just open the lid and tap the filter a few times and everything falls off in the bin on the vacuum. I guess it's kinda like a pre-filter. Anyway, the filter body doesn't pick up so much stuff so quick.


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