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Thread: "Motion Slop"

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    "Motion Slop"

    What causes "motion slop" (wavy vector lines) refereced in the other post?


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    Debis on the tracks/rollers. Binding wire/air hose runner. Dirt on the lens.

    Or, at fast speed the back and forth action of the lens carriage causes vibrations that cause the workpiece to move to and fro in sync with this motion.

    Or, a firmware hiccup.

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    Dirty motion strip? (the clear thing on the top of the main crossbar with the moving mirror). Maybe a loose belt?

    Just guesses.


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    A bad X motor. I have a Pinnacle 25 W. A while back I had a problem with wavy vertical lines (we do barcodes so it is critical).

    Picture this as a zoom in of a straight vertical line:

    My driver has an adjustment to correct this. Unfortunately, it caused other weird engraving issues. Once I replaced the X motor, it was corrected.

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    Motion Slop

    When doing a lot of vertical lines (Y axis) I run a bit slower, say 95 instead of 100 for better results.

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    Wavy Lines

    If you have wavy lines during vector marking you probably use too much speed. Reduce the speed and you reduce also the wavy lines. If you have a wavy raster engraving, then it is usually something wrong on the X-Axis. Clean everything and check the motion rails,...

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