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Thread: X2-660 superspeed big problems

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    Mr Mike.

    We have changed this item three time, even the ULS technician changed all this parts when he came to Colombia, including all the motors. But the contacs are no gold contacs (i am talking about of the flex cable, the upper board (on the X motor) and the conection board (where the arnes and the flex cable conect together). The CPU board has been change too about three times, all the packege (cpu and driver board).

    Today we have made some calculations about currents and voltages on the X motor and the ic L288N and we have made "some things" on the machine with a good behavior of her. No fault all the day. We have to wait some days more to be sure if these "things" are the solutions about that. We are very optimistic about that. I hope it will be the solution, i really hope that.

    Sure i'll tell you about our results. Thanks for all.

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    At the moment, the engraver is working fine, so the stuffs that we did are working good. Iīll be waiting more days to see the real results of this situation.

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    I wiould be very curious on what you did to solve the issue.

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    Try to help....


    Mike told you the way where i had started. Whatīs going on, with diconnected tubes? do you have the same issue as with both tubes connected and the top door closed?

    Please let us know, because this will show us if one of the tubes causes the problem.

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    Mr Bernhard

    If you read my mails of few days ago, we did some test with the cover open. When the cover is open, the laser is off (no laser light from any tube), making this test, the machine fail too. So we think there is no relation between the fail of the X axis and the work of the laser. Besides (at least in our machine) if you open the back cover, lasers are power down. Making this probe the same problem. We have though something about the machine, but the moment we donīt want to talk about that.

    At the moment the engraver is working very fine, excelent with a beautiful job but we want to wait more days to be sure about the change we made but we are very optimits because is the first time the machine is working without problem for more a week. Sure iīll talk you about that.

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    Mr Mike, the last mail was for you too. Thanks

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    if the cover is open you should have jsut the red dot pointer and no laser beam. the reason for it are the interlocks. So as soon as you open the top door, front door or the back door (where the tubes are located) the laser beam turns off and changes into the red diode beam.
    Thatīs the way how it is, otherwise you will be not allowed to work with this machine.

    I hope it is working for a longer time now.

    The reason for test with disconnected tubes was to check if maybe on of the tubes are corrupting the motion system.

    have a nice weekend,

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    Hi, I want to say that how we say in my country "we hit it on the head" to our problem. At the moment the engraver is working very fine. We have cut a thousands of pieces without any problem. The engraver has been working ten, twelve hours/day not stopped very fine .

    I would like to give my thanks to all people who help us, especially to Mr Mike.

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