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Thread: Of guards and splitters and things...

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    Of guards and splitters and things...

    I got my new Delta 36-680 table saw together and have been using it without the guard and splitter. Main reason is because it was a PITA to install, use (IMO) and the slot supposedly to hold/keep the guard up should is useless! I did some searches here, and on the web for guards/splitters and got a lot of information. I decided to go back and give it another try. I was able to get the splitter, and anti-kickback pawls finally installed and aligned so they work pretty well....with the guard completely removed. I tried to come up with a way to make the guard work, and work well, using the mount that came with the saw, but gave up. I remember seeing a piece of wood used as a simple "guard" that at least was a reminder of the spinning blade below it... so, I grabbed a piece of cedar and did some cutting. A single slot in the rear bottom of the stick mounts it on the splitter frame. I'll drill and attach it with the same machine bolt and brass screw nut I used to hold the pawls in place. I will also probably drill and use a screw as a pin to hold the pawls up for very close in cuts.

    I just find the plastic guard more of a pain to use, flimsy and possibly more of a danger the way it is. I might eventually get an overhead guard with DC built in down the road. Till then, this is what I have come up with. Any comments, tips etc.?
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    I think that the old martin t-17 used to have little wooden top guard. worked for them.


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