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Thread: Ungluing PVC pipe

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    Ungluing PVC pipe

    Is there a good way, or not so good way, to unglue 1-1/2" pvc drain pipes? I need to make a change to some plumbing and don't have room to add a coupling.
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    Hi Lee, I worked in a PVC manufacturing plant back in the 70's and we used a lot of the stuff around the plant. I'm afraid once it is bonded that's it. Someone else may have an idea. Sorry.
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    Here's what I do..

    Lee, I cut the pipe as close to the coupling as I can, then use a saw (broken hacksaw blade in a handle) to cut the pipe lengthwise inside the coupling (without cutting the fitting), doing this two or three places around the diameter of the pipe, then prying each of these sections out. Follow up by sanding/cleaning inside the coupling. It's slow, but works. I don't know of any solvent that would work.

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    They are not "glued"...they are the solvents. Once they's permanent. The two pieces actually become "one" with each other. You'll need to get creative or replace a larger portion of the piping to provide the room you need for the new fittings.

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    As Jim pointed out, they 'glue' actually 'welds' the two plastics together. The only thing I have found that woirks in the long run (read that as doesn't pop a leak sometime later, DAMHIKT!!) is to just bite the bullet and cut out everything that you can't put a coupling in. You just have to replace all of that stuff.

    To me, it's not worth the chance (probablity!) that it will pop a leak later and cause who knows how much damage before I find it, let alone the agrevation.
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    repair coupling

    This is the easiest fix:

    not an endorsement, just an example ...


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    Hi Lee

    In all the plumbing I have done here at the apartment complexes in the last almost 10 years which seem like a bunch, I have found its easier & safer to remove & replace its not that expensive & much nicer to work with clean material.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Schierer
    Is there a good way, or not so good way, to unglue 1-1/2" pvc drain pipes? I need to make a change to some plumbing and don't have room to add a coupling.

    If it's for a drain, this would work:

    Pipe & fittings - Transition fittings - 1-1/2" - 1-1/2"x 1-1/2"

    Good Luck,


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