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Thread: Sorby Turning Tools

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    Sorby Turning Tools


    I recently purchased a set of six new Robert Sorby truning tools. I tried them straight from the box, and I am dissapointed with the results. My older, Windsor Design tools work a lot better.

    I am wondering if the Sorby tools need to be re-ground to the proper profile in order to perform as I expected them too, or did I make a bad choice in purchasing these?

    Finally, when I watch the turning demos on TV and on te internet, I see thsee long strings of wood being cut. With my tools, I get ribbons about 1 inch long, then they break off. Are my tools not sharpened properly? I turn dry wood.

    Thanks for your input,
    Dan Heine

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    Absolutely. Tools should not be considered sharpened out of the box. Very few bowl gouges are even close to what I would require for it to work.

    Sharpen them and let us know how they work then.
    Raymond Overman
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    Daniel the tools out of the box are dull and need to be sharpened. I would not change the profile of the tools but would sharpen them with the profile they have for now. Also with dry wood you will not get the long curlies that you will with wet wood.
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    What Bernie said. You can change the profiles when you determine they really are not appropriate for your turning style, but in the mean time...sharpening is the name of the game. And frequently, at that. Sometimes I sharpen every two or three minutes, depending on what I'm working on.

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    My factory sharpened Sorby Bowl gouge was great for spindle work but not for bowls. After changing the grind and sharpening it's great for bowls but not as useful for spindle work.

    I can live with that.

    Sharpen them!!
    Dave Fried

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    Don't feel bad about your curls, Dan. They almost always use green/ wet wood for demos. Much easier to work than dry and it DOES MAKE BEAUTIFUL CURLS!

    If you decide to do wet wood, be ready with your face shield and a squeege, plus a raincoat!

    It can really soak you, but if it's cherry........................... at least you smell good afterwards!

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