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Thread: Firefighter Maltese Clipart

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    Firefighter Maltese Clipart

    Does anybody happen to have a vector of something similar to

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    There is something really close on

    Have a look there, they are all Illustrator Vectors.


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    Thanks for the site. I try to import one of the EPS files into Corel12 and it shows a large grey box that has the file name and CorelDRAW 11 written in it, not the image. Is there a setting I am missing?

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    The vector art mega collections has all the elements you are looking for.

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    David, if you are talking about the Montgomery Fire Department logo at BoW, I was able to open it directly in X3, and was also able to import it into a blank documant if I selected "Import as editable" and selected "curves". But if I imported it as "Place as Encapsulated Postscript" then it showed a gray box.

    I don't know if version 12 has the same options on import. If not, try opening it directly and then cut/paste over to your other document.

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    Import it as PS, PRN, EPS - Postscript Interpreted. Should do the trick!
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