I finally found a guy that recycles acrylic. He was just here and took a huge pile of 12x24 acrylic "skeletons" that I'd normally have to throw in the dumpster. They also take PVC and other plastics for CNC people in the Puget Sound area. And, I didn't have to peel off the protective paper.

They are based here in Bellevue but will go as far as Portland if there's a big enough pile to justify the trip. No charge to you, in fact he says they pay 2 cents a pound for people that have frequent large amounts of scrap. He says they would be happy to just come when you call, rather than a regular schedule, if you get an occasional big job but are not producing scraps all of the time.

Anyone that's interested, its:

Puget Sound Plastics, Inc.
Ricky Cueva