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Thread: GRIZZLY GO586 vs. G0490 JOINTERS

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    GRIZZLY GO586 vs. G0490 JOINTERS

    I have narrowed my jointer choice down to one of the these two Grissly jointers. The G0586 is a 2 horsepower, while the G0490 is a 3 horse unit. The G0586 has more cuts per minute. This will be my first jointer and I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I have read quite a few favorable comments here about the G0490. I like the idea of the roll around cabinet. Also I do not have a dust collector system. First things first for now. Will I have a problem with chip buildup. I do have a larger shop vac that perhaps could help remove some of the debris.
    I appreciate any comments,

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    I placed an order for the 490 on Saturday. I chose the 490 because of all the good talk about it and the DJ20 it is copied from. Frankly, I never really considered the 586. I had a 6" Delta Pro model prior to this and found it to be quite acceptable, but I just could not pass on the intro price of the 490.

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    My comments you can take word for word from what Rich had to say except that I have had the GO490 for a while but have just run enough stuff through it to know that it works really well. I prefer the parallelogram design primarily due to the fact that you can adjust each table at four points whereas with the wedge system you have to adjust, if necessary, with shims the best that you can. I went through that a while back and thought that there must be a better way and there is.

    For the most part I have hooked up the dust collector, but at times with the six inch that I had I just put a box under the chute and it worked fine. I do not see why it would not work with the eight inch models. I am sure that there will be more input on this subject, especially if others have different opinions.

    The best news is that you can not go wrong with either model for the price. Sure is good to be in a win - win situation.


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    Thanks Rich and Allen

    It is a 'snow day' today so I'm off for a little while this morning. I am going to go ahead and order the 490 now. Appreciate the info too on the chip collecting for the time being. Thanks guys,

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    I have the Grizzly G0490. I think you will be happy with it. I don't have it connected to a DC system at the moment. You may want to stick the wand from your shop vac up into the chip chute once in awhile to clean it out. Other than that I don't see any opertational problems about not having it connected to a DC. Maybe I will find out some later on but not at the moment.


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