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Thread: Got room for another?

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    Red face Got room for another?

    I’ve been lurking in the shadows long enough. You guys have finally gotten me! I started setting up my shop about a month ago. I am fortunate in that I inherited my Dad’s tools some 20 years ago when he passed away. I have held on to them until the dust and rust made me start to feel guilty. Dad’s collection included numerous hand and power tools for wood, metal, mechanics as well as electronics. In addition I received his Rockwell Delta 14” drill press and his Diehl 6” grinder. He also left me with many memories of watching and working with him out in the cold winter and hot summer in his garage shop.
    Forty plus years ago in high school shop class I was bitten by the turning bug. It burrowed in deep and never left. That bug has been in hibernation for all this time. Darn you guys! You woke him up! Now, I don’t have any choice. I started adding to the shop with a Jet 12” band saw, a HF dust collection system and Sears Craftsman 14” chain saw. I am expecting my Jet 1442 any day now.
    To be ready for when it comes in I have been stocking the wood pile with whatever I can find. I have a bunch of pine some bradford </ST1pear and some really nice spalted red tip photinia, both trunk and branch wood as well as root wood.
    I really hope you can make room for me since you are partially to blame for my condition. I’m really looking forward to learning from all of you.
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    Welcome to the Dark Side of the Creek Christopher. Pull up a chair, there is lots of room here. Congrats on the Jet lathe, have fun when it gets here and post lots of pictures.

    No Pain-No Gain- Not!
    No Pain-Good

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    Welcome Chris, I don't think this place could ever be full! Welcome and can't wait to see your turnings!

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    Welcome to the creek and to the dark side neighbor. Seems the turners are really growing. I had a 1442 and found it was a good one, I think you'll be happy with it until the bigger bug bites. Watch turning the pine, softwood can be tricky.
    Good, Fast, Cheap--Pick two.

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    just kidding, welcome welcome welcome, and remember two things

    1. there's no such thing as a "stupid" question, and

    2. no picture??? it didn't happen, that's just our policy (hehe, we like pix).

  6. Welcome, welcome, the more new guys that come along, makes me feel like less of a newbie

    Now about this lack of picture thing....... you really got to correct that


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    Welcome to the Creek Christopher!!! And welcome to our little Black Hole! When we get really bored, we get together on the street corner, jaw about some stuff, and spit.
    "There's nothing wrong with Quiet" ` Jeremiah Johnson

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    The roads up here aren't straight enough to have corners, so I find that I will just chew hay and scratch.
    Only the Blue Roads

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    Welcome to the SCM, and especially the turning section Christopher!
    Plenty of room at the Creek. Jump in and get your feet wet anytime!
    Have Chainsaw- Will Travel

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    Welcome! I have turned the bradford and it's a great wood. Can't speak for the red tip. I would shy away from the pine for sap reasons.

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    Chris your welcome !!
    But....... all that turning stuff can stay asleep getting too crowded with spin heads.
    Something real special about hand-me-down tools. Enjoy and glad to have you swimming in the creek
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    Live Like You Mean It.

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    Welcome Chris!!

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    Welcome Chris. Lots of good people and lots of knowledge here. Pull up a chair and enjoy. Never to crowded.

    Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.

    To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone.

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    Welcome from another fairly new guy. Lots of good info, advice, pictures, and laughs around here. Turning is pretty addictive, I hope the government doesn't find out about it and outlaw it.

    When lathes are outlawed, only outlaws will have lathes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curt Fuller
    When lathes are outlawed, only outlaws will have lathes!

    Hi Chris. Obviously, there is no turning back for you. I hope you have a big bank account. Your 1442 is only a drop in the bucket compared to what you will spend. If you have any ideas of limiting yourself to a budget I have one word for you. HA!

    The first thing you should do is to work on a bonker. Not Andys version mind you. (Bad Andy).

    Welcome aboard. I don't think you'll find a better group anywhere. I haven't.


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