I have always been a little confused to the end product difference (cut lumber) between the contractor saw and the cabinet saw. Especially the higher quality contractor saw. Assuming they are both set-up properly (parallel blade and fence), used properly and cutting typical hardwoods that are 5/4 or smaller, then what is the difference? I know horsepower is different, weight is different, maybe number of belts turning the blade, but if they are set up correctly and used properly, doesn't one find the end results the same?

Disregarding the weight factor between the two saws, I have also noticed that at wood shows most vendors who are selling tablesaw blades, sleds, feather boards, etc use a contractor style saw. I would think that if I were selling these items I would use the best tool to make my produce look irresistible.

Therefore given my impression, why should I put down another $600-$1,200 for something that produces the same results a properly cut board?